Eclettis flush sockets with closing lid


Eclettis flush-mount enclosures conceal electrical devices keeping the living environment elegant and tidy. Enclosures can conceal even plugged devices and have two different IP protection ratings to ensure maximum safety.


Sockets with flush stainless steel closing lid IP 20 ECLETTIS SMOOTH LINE


Sockets with flush stainless steel closing lid IP 64 ECLETTIS SMOOTH LINE


Flush vacuum system with ECLETTIS SMOOTH LINE



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The system is compatible with any? kind of existing plant?
In the case of traditional electrical system, the only difference is that the electronic controls should be always powered at 230 Vac 50/60 Hz. The output is controlled by the electronic control power relay with dry contacts, potential-free electricity. With the electronic control system can be operated previously fed low voltage devices such as solenoid or automation in general.


What is the difference between electronic controls
and home automation?

The controls for home automation use, unlike the others, can not handle any load, but their momentary contact NA, potential-free, it must be interfaced to the inputs of the appropriate forms for programmable home automation systems more or less advanced. The command to use home automation works without power. Only the signaling LED, if present, require a separate power supply on terminals. In the case of plants CNX power LED will be provided by local modules to 2.6 Vcc and the function selector must be set in this mode. For other types of systems, we can apply a separate power supply line Vcc to 12 to be connected directly to the LEDs with selector functions duly set and in case the led must respond to a specific function, its operation should be filtered by a contact programmed for the purpose.


What is the difference between electronic controls with or without memory status?
The electronic memory was the replica of a normal switch operation. It follows that in case of light on and to temporary blackout, the restoration of the energy the light will again be turned on. The command without memory state, as opposed to reposition itself always in a state of rest. Clearly, in systems using relays, step by step, this function is subject to the current state of the same network at the time of the absence.


In traditional electrical systems, I can control the same light from two or more points?
With a single command you can make the point interrupted and diverted. With the command you can only double the interrupted point. In all those cases where it is required switching from multiple points, it is necessary to set the controls as a function button, and use the relay to step by step.

As you can dim a light?
Generally with the aid of special relays that will be controlled by one or more commands configured as individual buttons.


The controls for home automation use are compatible with all systems?
They are compatible with all systems that receive their input forms a normally open momentary contact.


What is meant by customizing commands?
The company provides its customers the ability to customize some products to make them more suitable for the intended use. In the specific case of laser incisions made ​​on the surface of the commands in order to uniquely identify some particular functions.


How many fruits in total can be installed on the same box?
You can install up to four fruits from a form, eg. bipresa or button etc. .. or fruits of more than two dimensions, such as schuko sockets. For other options consult the list combined. E ‘, however, not advisable to install four fruits in a box of slim type.