Walkline outdoor stainless steel turret for Intercom

Outdoor stainless steel turret for Intercom H180 cm


The outdoor intercom pedestal completes the Walkline range, allowing it to interface directly with the Smoothline indoor range. This intercom pedestal’s clean-cut and user-friendly design will make a great first impression.


H 1778
L 170
P 90



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    The Towers Walk Line can be installed outdoors?
    Only the turret video door WSX2010BPT / 304 can be installed outside. The two turrets users WSX1004 / WSX1010 and 304/304 are for internal use only.


    When using the anchors (or brackets) securing to install towers Walk Line?
    The mounting brackets are used in the process of realization of screeds, taking care to maintain the upper surface protruding as much as the thickness of the coating that will be laid. In this case, for the installation of the towers will not need to use the stop but will be screwed directly to the anchor bolt itself.

    What kind of maintenance they need turrets Walk the Line?
    We recommend regular cleaning with suitable non-abrasive products for cleaning stainless steel, particularly to the turret from outside WSX2010BPT / 304 daily exposed to the elements.