Eclettis is creating a scenario, which renews the relationship between humans, machines, and the living environment. A scenario where technology makes you enjoy everyday life to the fullest whilst fulfilling even unexpressed wishes and needs.

Eclettis - flush mount switches electrical sockets and plates
Fin.Owner Srl Headquarter – Belvedere Ostrense (AN) – Italy

The Eclettis brand was established in 2002 as an asset of Eclettis s.r.l. to become the focal point of a new entrepreneurial development plan. In 2010, the brand was acquired by Fin.Owner S.r.l.


Fin.Owner S.r.L. focuses on organisational professionalism, quality, and production processes and it designs and manufactures all its products in Italy. Every project is based on meticulous technical skills and refined design, which result in comfortable furnishing solutions for homes, accommodation facilities, and offices.


Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Piero Lissoni, Guido Canali, Dante Benini, Carlo Colombo, Iosa Ghini, Armani House are only some of the names who have chosen Eclettis products for their interior design projects.

Eclettis Walkline socket-point turret
Walkline socket-point turret

Eclettis analyses people’s everyday experience to create systems that combine craftsmanship and top-quality, state-of-the-art materials, thereby providing unique products that enhance the living environment.


Eclettis’ continuous research has made it a leading brand in the high-end industry, allowing it to identify new sectors to explore and on which to focus time and energy to create tailor-made products. For Eclettis, comfort, elegance, form and function are one.

Eclettis Patented flush installation system
Patented flush installation system



Eclettis is the only brand that can boast an exclusive international patent for the installation of flush-mount domestic wiring accessories.


All Smoothline components are designed and manufactured in compliance with EU standards and are CE marked.


This marking indicates that the product meets all applicable EU directives and, therefore, can be sold freely in all EU Member States. Before applying the Quality Mark, the Italian Quality Mark Institute (IMQ) and the corresponding European bodies verify the conformity of Eclettis equipment to the safety requirements set forth in the standards.

The Eclettis production is entirely made in Italy.

The whole system Smooth Line is covered by an international patent.

The line components are made of stainless steel AISI 304 scotch brite fi nish antitouch