Smoothline is an elegant range of white and stainless steel plates without fixing elements. Its innovative installation technique ensures great flexibility and allows it to be installed on any type of surface. Its lines are fully customisable and you can create the perfect atmosphere in every room choosing all the controls you want, organised according to your requirements. The range includes sockets, switches, and a vast selection of accessories that can be inserted in the control panel.


Flush antitouch stainless steel commands and switches for electrical and home automation systems

The versatility of these products allows
you to choose between electrical switches
and home automation controls.

Eclettis Smoothline flush sockets

Smoothline flush stainless steel sockets

Data or signal transmission sockets and power
sockets can be installed in the same box by
using an internal separator.

Eclettis flush sockets with closing lid

Eclettis flush sockets with closing lid

Eclettis flush-mount enclosures conceal electrical
devices keeping the living environment elegant and tidy.

Eclettis flush mount accessories

Flush mount accessories

Smoothline’s comfort and functionality
are enhanced by accessories that can be
installed in both domestic and contract environments.


The Smooth Line can be installed on 503 boxes?
No, the Smooth line needs to be installed exclusively on their boxes.


What boxes are required for the installation of the series Smooth Line?
To install the Smooth Line are required Eclettis boxes specially patented technology flush with the wall. They are divided into different types to any type of application. Boxes for masonry in two different depths, drywall and drywall for special applications. The normal box for drywall is installed after slotting the wall, and having a striking edge will not occur flush with the wall. For the wire wall of plasterboard walls requires the use of special kit available in the catalog.

The Smooth Line can be installed on any type of surface?

In general, the installation can be carried out on all masonry surfaces and on any type of coating.


How do I install the Smooth Line series on coatings?
For coated surfaces is provided with sub-standard housing for a smooth edge finishes. It ‘also a good idea to use frames with ribordo to cover any irregularities cutting. In the case of large slabs of glass, marble or composite materials slotting required must be realized with a suitable degree of finishing and centering before laying.


For the intake system you can use any box?
No. For the suction system requires the use of special boxes accompanied by attack for pipe and socket body. These boxes are 84 mm deep as the standard boxes.


When is it compulsory to use standard boxes?
Such use is always advisable to have greater flexibility in the use of all equipment and convenience in carrying out the electrical wiring. It ‘still required for the installation of doors.


When you use the slim box?
This box should only be used in case of excessively thin walls, to use the standard, or for the use of only automation commands that are less deep. Even in this last case, however, the need for frequent allocarvi modules for home automation, it is preferable to use standard boxes.


Can I install a plaque instead of the door in a standard box?
Yes. ‘Simply use the appropriate thickness to fit under the media boxes to hold install any fruit without the use of the door.


The frame is installed with ribordo only on coatings?
No. This can also be used on walls and not coated in all cases where the finish of the counter / wall is not perfectly planar and does not wish to remedy otherwise with the reconstruction of the masonry. The frame with ribordo is therefore not a ‘installation flush with the wall, but will have a protrusion of about 3 mm for the whole frame. E ‘, however, essential in the case of coatings, use the special subframe.

Smooth Line products are suitable for installation in outdoor environments?
No. The entire line is designed for internal use only, in a dry and protected from extreme temperature changes.

Smooth Line The line can be installed horizontally?

The Smooth Line is designed for installation in vertical, but nothing prevents the customer to install in a horizontal manner to the detriment of the aesthetics of the product and with the logo facing incorrectly.


What is personalization and that limits are there?
The company provides its customers the ability to customize some products to make them more suitable for the intended use. In the specific case of laser incisions made ​​on the surface of the commands in order to uniquely identify some particular functions. In more complex cases in which it is required an integration of other devices in our media, it will be previously evaluated the feasibility and cost of realization. For reasons of space and vertical development of the Smooth Line, it is not always possible to allocate third-party equipment. In principle, the limit of 3 modules will not be exceeded. Clearly, from a purely aesthetic point of view, any application stranger to Smooth Line will not provide a result in line with the range perfectly flush with the wall.


How many fruits in total can be installed on the same box?

You can install up to four fruits from a form, eg. bipresa or button etc. .. or fruits of more than two dimensions, such as schuko sockets. For other options consult the list combined. E ‘, however, not advisable to install four fruits in a box of slim type.


How many colors can you have?
You can have two colors: satin stainless steel with anti-fingerprint, matt white. In the case of white there is no match in the table RAL color because these are specially made. However, the color code is mostly near 9010.


What products are recommended for cleaning?
For surface cleaning is recommended to use a soft cloth dampened with water. Alternatively you can use the non-aggressive detergents for household use. E ‘, however, advisable to perform a preliminary test on a small area to determine suitability.