Eclettis Softline

Wireless charging system.

Eclettis Softline - Flush tempered glass wireless charging system 2

The Softline allows to set up small charging stations within your home creating a completely new relationship between electronic devices and furnishings.

This quiet and elegant design project fits within and adds functionality to your environment without ever altering it. The Softline is made to be integrated into sophisticated, high-end and tailor-made projects that require great balance among shapes, aesthetics and technology. The Softline has a built-in light indicator that turns on when it detects a device in its range and turns off as soon as the product is set to standby

Eclettis Softline - Flush tempered glass wireless charging system 3

Low Iron Tempered Glass


The glasses used for the Softline are all
tempered and extra clear, for maximum
durability and aesthetic quality. In addition to
the tempered glass is available a completely
concealed version, without exposed parts. For
high-volume supplies it is possible to customize
the finish of the top surface.

Energy save


Auto-off technology when the system is not in
use. The system turns automatically on when
senses compatible products in its range.

Eclettis Softline - Flush tempered glass wireless charging system

Patented Installation System


The patented installation system ensures
maximum flexibility: the system is designed to
fit any type and different thickness of the top.



The system is powered via USB in order to avoid any problem of socket compatibility


Color Variations


Eclettis Softline is available in two shapes (round and square) and in two colors (white and black) to fit the environment in the most harmonious way.